Surfing is a growth business with the global surf industry generating more than $14 billion annually and worldwide participation growing by 30%.

Planning for the next surf contest season is well underway with sponsorship now being actively sought to ensure we can produce Australia’s best longboard events featuring some of the best longboard surfers in the world, providing star power and leadership positioning as we promote one of the most healthy, active, and desirable lifestyles on the planet. With subscription TV coverage to broaden the events appeal secured we would like to invite you and your clients to partner with us as we promote the world’s best professional longboard surfing events.

Island Style Promotions understands that everyone’s needs are different when it comes to partnerships, so we invite you to work with us in tailoring the perfect solution for your company that will support your marketing objectives and deliver promotional opportunities while enabling us to stage Australia’s premier professional longboard surfing events.

Active Events


is an empowering women’s event dedicated to the celebration of health, wellness, and our shared passion for the coastal lifestyle.
Set against the backdrop of our pristine South Australian beaches, this all-female longboard surf contest not only showcases the athletic prowess of women surfers but also emphasizes holistic well-being and environmental stewardship.
Participants and spectators alike will be immersed in a weekend of waves, wellness workshops, and eco-conscious activities, all designed to encourage a harmonious balance with nature. It’s a gathering where the community comes to share knowledge,
experiences, and the joy of surfing, while promoting a healthier, happier Australia.
Through this event, we aim to inspire a wave of positive change, empowering women to lead active and environmentally respectful lives both in and out of the ocean. Join us to ride the tide of transformation and community spirit at the Healing at Heart Wave Empress Surf Challenge.


The Kirra Longboard Klassic is an engaging and entertaining longboard surfing event, specifically designed to gather amateur surfers who share a common passion for longboard surfing and its lifestyle. Scheduled to take place from July 26 to July 28, 2024, in the fabled waves at Kirra, Queensland, this event emphasizes fun and camaraderie over intense competition.

This two-day event is more than just a surfing competition; it features various cultural, entertainment, lifestyle, and environmental activities. It attracts high-performance surfers from around the world, making it a vibrant and internationally flavored event. The Kirra Longboard Klassic is particularly appealing because it’s free to attend, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience of surfing enthusiasts and those interested in beachside activities.

We can’t guarantee you a perfect Kirra barrel, but we can guarantee you are good time.

For more details, visit the event’s page at

Event Partners We Have Worked With

Over the years Island Style Promotions has partnered with the following organisations, looking to align their products, services and messages with the carefree lifestyle image of a sport powered by the clean green energy of the ocean to a very receptive audience. .

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