Surfing is a growth business with the global surf industry generating more than $14 billion annually and worldwide participation growing by 30%.

Planning for the next surf contest season is well underway with sponsorship now being actively sought to ensure we can produce Australia’s best longboard events featuring some of the best longboard surfers in the world, providing star power and leadership positioning as we promote one of the most healthy, active, and desirable lifestyles on the planet. With subscription TV coverage to broaden the events appeal secured we would like to invite you and your clients to partner with us as we promote the world’s best professional longboard surfing events.

Island Style Promotions understands that everyone’s needs are different when it comes to partnerships, so we invite you to work with us in tailoring the perfect solution for your company that will support your marketing objectives and deliver promotional opportunities while enabling us to stage Australia’s premier professional longboard surfing events.

Active Events


Get ready for the biggest Australia-New Zealand rivalry in sport.

Over three action-packed days, we will see two countries battle it out to be crowned the first Trans-Tasman surfing champions.

This will be the biggest occasion to take place in the surf, between neighbours who share a rich sporting rivalry. The Trans-Tasman Surfing Comp will be like no other.  Aussie Vs Kiwi surfing legends, celebrities and the best surfing talent representing their respective country will go head to head showcasing their skills on shortboards and longboards.


A fun longboard event designed to bring together like minded amateur surfers in two fun filled days of surfing in the world-famous Kirra waves.

Not looking for future world champions just surfers that like to surf Kirra, show off a bit in the water to those on land, and to spread tales tall and true of that special wave they in the last big swell.

Growing from its original mandate of being for local surfers, the popularity of this event has seen surfers from around Australia support this event. Hey lets face it, every surfer wants to surf Kirra.



A Podcast with no near equivalent about everything that is longboarding in Australia, live for 1 hour every week. Here we showcase the sport / art of longboarding around our great nation.

Hosted by West Australian Jason ‘Weeksy’ Weeks. Together with our regular panel of commentators we will have weekly guest commentators to discuss different aspects of the longboard lifestyle, from equipment to accessories, surf fitness and contest strategy, and everything in between.

Event Partners We Have Worked With

Over the years Island Style Promotions has partnered with the following organisations, looking to align their products, services and messages with the carefree lifestyle image of a sport powered by the clean green energy of the ocean to a very receptive audience. .

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