Australian Longboard Surfing Open

The Australian Longboard Surfing Open is a multi-day celebration of the surfing lifestyle held each year in the warm, wave-rich waters of Kingscliff on the NSW Tweed Coast. It started life as the ‘Malfunction’ in 1984, as an excuse to get together with like-minded surfers. Back then the contest is designed for those that wanted to get back to having fun in the waves. The first event was won by surfing legend Jeff Hakman from the USA. There is no doubt that this was the start of something really big when it happened the first time. This original event brought legions of ‘legends from the ’50s and 60’s out of retirement and back into the limelight. Today the Australian Longboard Surfing Open caters for surfers of all ages and abilities as well as those that identify with the carefree surfing lifestyle, it attracts the current crop of professional longboard surfing superstars including world champions Taylor Jensen, Harley Ingleby and Honolua Blomfield. Together they rub shoulders with stars from the early years like the worlds first ever surfing champion, Phyllis O’Donnell, surf mogul Doug Warbrick and the Godfather of soul surfing Ray Gleave. It showcases some of the worlds best longboard surfers in competition while appealing to those that identify with a lifestyle/sport powered by nature.

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Date: May 28, 2020
Duration: 4 Days