Island Style Promotions is a family run longboard surfing consultancy business which developed from the love of the beach lifestyle and longboard surfing, by its owner ``Big Sean`` McKeown.

Island Style Promotions is a company with over 50 years of experience in surfing and more than 20 years in event management, specifically focused on beach activities. They specialize in organizing events related to longboard surfing and its associated lifestyle. The company offers personalized packages to meet marketing objectives, including event organization, product promotions, conferencing, and surf tours. They also provide World Champion surfers, authentic surfing props, and memorabilia for promotions and advertisements, and are recognized as a leader in staging professional longboard surfing events in Australia. Their services are tailored to support marketing objectives and provide promotional opportunities​.

Get Ready for Thrills

We invite you to work with us in tailoring the perfect solution for your company that will support your marketing objectives and delivers promotional opportunities while enabling us to stage Australia's premier professional longboard surfing events.